Top 10 Global Destinations for South African CAs: Where to Go After Qualifying

Top 10 Global Destinations for South African CAs: Where to Go After Qualifying

Hey there, it’s the end of the year which means a of lot newly minted Chartered Accountants are ready to spread their wings and explore the world. Your hard-earned qualification is your golden ticket to global opportunities.   

But where to go? Fear not! We have curated a list of the top 10 destinations where your skills are in hot demand. Let’s dive in and explore each, with a dash of humour and some pros and cons to keep things real.

10. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

Why It’s Great: Hong Kong, the dazzling star of Asia, is where Eastern mystique meets Western efficiency. It’s a financial powerhouse with a skyline that screams ambition.  


  • A melting pot of cultures and cuisines.  
  • Your career can skyrocket in this dynamic financial hub.  


  • The hustle and bustle might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  
  • High living costs – your wallet might need some CA(SA) magic!  

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates:


Why It’s Great: Dubai is like that ambitious friend who always overachieves. It’s a tax-free playground for professionals, with luxury and innovation at every corner.


  • Save more with no income tax. Ka-ching!  
  • Work in a multicultural environment that’s as diverse as a United Nations meeting.  


  • Adapting to cultural nuances can be a bit of a camel ride.  
  • The lavish lifestyle can be tempting (watch out for those credit cards!).

8. Tax Haven Islands (Bermuda, Channel Island).


Why It’s Great: Fancy a bit of island life with your accounting? These tax havens are like the secret savings accounts of the world – discreet and beneficial.  


  • Low to zero tax rates. Need we say more?  
  • Beautiful beaches for weekend escapades.  


  • Island fever is real. You might miss the big city buzz.  
  • Limited career diversification – it’s all about finance and accounting here.  

7. New Zealand

New Zealand

Why It’s Great: New Zealand isn’t just about hobbits and breathtaking landscapes. It’s a growing economy hungry for skilled CAs (Chartered Accountants).  


  • Work-life balance is a religion here.  
  • Easy transition with SAICA’s mutual recognition agreement.  


  • Far from everywhere (like, really far).  
  • Limited big-city vibes for those who crave urban hustle.

6. Netherlands  

Why It’s Great: The Netherlands, the land of tulips, windmills, and bicycles, is a haven for work-life balance enthusiasts and innovation lovers.  


  • 30% tax ruling for expats. Your wallet will thank you.  
  • A culture that values time off as much as hard work.  


  • Dutch weather can be a bit… moody.  
  • Learning Dutch might twist your tongue in knots.  

5. Australia:


Why It’s Great: Australia is where you can balance spreadsheets by day and meet kangaroos by evening. It’s a robust economy with a laid-back vibe.  


  • Great weather and an outdoor lifestyle.  
  • A strong economy with diverse opportunities.  


  • Everything here wants to bite, sting, or eat you (just kidding… sort of).  
  • The cost of living can play tug-of-war with your salary.  

4. Canada  


Why It’s Great: Canada is like that friendly neighbour who always has your back. It’s welcoming, diverse, and has a thriving financial sector.  


  • Inclusive and multicultural.  
  • Beautiful landscapes and a focus on environmental sustainability.  


  • Winters can be a Game of Thrones episode.  
  • You might need to get the Canadian CPA designation.

3. Ireland  


Why It’s Great: Ireland, with its charming landscapes and friendly locals, offers a relaxed visa regime – SAICA has a mutual recognition agreement with Chartered Accountants Ireland, simplifying the process of working here. And a growing demand for CAs.  


  • Easy-going work culture and a strong economy.  
  •  Lots of pubs and great beer!


  • Rainy days can outnumber your sunny moods.  
  • The relaxed pace might not suit everyone.

2. USA  


Why It’s Great: The USA is like the big league for CAs. It’s a land of opportunities with a diverse economy and endless possibilities.  


  • Diverse industries mean you’re not stuck in one niche.  
  • Emphasis on innovation and growth.  


  • Work-life balance can be elusive.  
  • The CPA certification is a must for climbing the ladder. 

1. United Kingdom  


Why It’s Great: The UK, with its historic ties to South Africa, is a natural fit for CAs. It’s a blend of tradition and modernity, with a strong demand for your skills.  


  • Recognition of the CA(SA) designation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW).  
  • A vibrant economy with diverse opportunities, particularly in corporate finance, audit, and taxation.  


  • The weather can be as unpredictable as the stock market.  
  • Fast-paced work culture – you’ll need your best game on.  


As a CA(SA), the world is your oyster, and these destinations are your pearls. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling streets of London, the serene landscapes of New Zealand, or the tax-friendly shores of Bermuda, there’s a perfect spot for your career ambitions. Remember, the right company can make your global journey smoother, so choose wisely. Bon voyage, and may your debits always equal your credits!  

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