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Kula Referral Process

1. Identify and select the job that are you looking to refer an applicant for.
2. Select the share button, input your name & email address.
3. Obtain your unique referral application link for job post.
4. Share your unique application link with prospective applicants
5. Obtain updates with regards to status of your referrals application
6. Successful applicant? Kula’s finance team will reach out to you and arrange payment of €750

  1. To be eligible for Kula Referral Program, all referrals are required to be submitted the referrer’s custom referral
  2. Successful applicants will earn a “Referral Fee” of €750: A successful referral is considered to be a new Kula
    Employee that remains employed by Kula for a period of at least 30 days (the Probationary Period).
  3. Successful referrers will be contacted separately by the Kula Team for payment processing once the Probationary
    Period has come to an end.
  4. If an applicant exists in Kula database, through their own direct applications or other referrals. The referred
    candida may be deemed to not be eligible to receive the Referral Fee. The Kula team’s decision is
    final with regards to all referral matters.
  5. Referrers will be eligible to receive the Referral Fee for 6 months from the date that the referral is submitted.
  6. Fees owed will be paid within 35 days of the end of the person’s Probationary Period.